If you are experiencing personal difficulty, distress or crisis, whether it is in response to a trauma, life events, an accumulation of different factors or even if you are unable to identify the reason why. Whatever your experience, your challenge or your struggle it is real and personal to you. I prefer not to be prescriptive in providing a list of areas covered.  Instead, I will be receptive, empathic and responsive to whatever challenge or struggle you face.

My experience includes working with clients who have struggled with low moods and depression, clients who have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and clients who have had suicidal tendencies. In addition I have also worked with clients who have suffered bereavement including bereavement through sudden death and suicide, clients who have experienced childhood trauma, which has involved working with regression, flashbacks and post traumatic episodes and clients who have felt challenged by, and struggled with, the stresses and pressures of everyday life.